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Two Common Shirt Gift Bags Custom Misunderstanding

Apr. 15, 2019 Share:

1. The color of printing is the same. One of the misunderstandings that many of us often have is that our shirts are mainly made of this color product. I hope that the effect of the shirt gift bag is the same, it is understandable, and the product maintains a highly consistent paper carrier bag. Let consumers have a good impression on the shirt and have a positive effect on the brand, but we need to proceed from the actual, not all colors can be copied, because the shirt gift bag customization process is generally used CMYK or special The printing of the color Pantone color, these two printing systems have a less good place, that is, the color gamut is a bit narrow, so if you are like a kind of artist's bells and whistles, I am afraid there is no way to complete this time. These designers will block this design and give feedback on why.

2. Excessive use of a certain process, once a customer's oem paper carrier bag, covered with bronzing technology, although this is not a custom design of shirt gift bags, is other industries, but this design, after several designers have read It doesn't feel too high-end. The bronzing process itself can give the product a sublimation effect, making the product look more advanced, but if it is full of bags, it will look very tacky, just like people are often said to be vulgar. The phrase "do not forget the original heart" In fact, this sentence is very intentional, just like the bronzing process, it is very high-end feeling, but it is used a lot, it seems a lot of vulgar, so bronzing this The process is to be used properly, not excessively. It is not like printing, and it requires a lot of use to cover the material itself. This sublimation type of process needs to be used properly.

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