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Three sources of inspiration for packaging design

Jul. 08, 2019 Share:

Three sources of inspiration for packaging design shared by China gift box wholesale.

As a designer, from his own design experience, deeply understand: modern packaging design is a culture - based, life - based, modern - oriented design discipline.

After finishing a design work, it is natural to fall into a kind of thinking and appreciate something other than design. It can be divided into three levels:

The first level mainly refers to the material carrier containing design culture elements, which has the characteristics of changeability, materiality and foundation. Such as packaging design department and packaging design products, exchange of goods and consumer consumption behavior in the use of packaging products and so on.

Secondly, it is the middle level of culture, namely, the organization and system level of packaging design, and the materialization of the inner layer of design culture.

It has strong time and continuity: it mainly coordinates the relationship between the elements of the design system, standardizes the design behavior, and judges and corrects the organizational system of design.

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The last layer is the conceptual layer of packaging design. It is a cultural psychological state, also can be called the consciousness of culture.

It is in the core and leading position, and is the basis and basis of all activities of designing system elements. It is the most stable part in the structure of design culture, and also the soul of design culture. It exists in the heart of people, develops and changes, and will eventually be expressed directly or indirectly in the organizational system.

The cultural impact brought by the development of science and technology, the improvement of productivity and the progress of culture on packaging design is mainly manifested in the production and life concept, value concept, thinking concept, aesthetic concept, moral and ethical concept, national psychological concept and other aspects.

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