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Talking About The Characteristics And Structure Of Gift Packaging

Apr. 04, 2019 Share:

Generally speaking, the gift should generally highlight the following points on the package:

Shape: The shape of the custom paper gift boxes, such as the rectangular parallelepiped, heart shape, cylinder, round body, etc., but always can not be separated from two basic packaging methods - square packaging method and cylindrical packaging method.

Emotional color: Color has a great influence on people's mood. Therefore, the color distribution of wrapping paper can be differentiated according to age and gender: men should be mainly in cool colors, women can choose bright colors or elegant and elegant colors, children should choose colors. Bright, lively and lovely picture.

Artistic: Each well-processed packaged product can reflect the certain artistic nature. It can pay attention to the role of decoration belts, decoration flowers and other small decoration items in the packaging. After they can increase the artistic effect, it can play a role in adding snakes.

Thematic: This is the basis for deciding how to make a gift wrap. There are many gifts and gifts: love gifts, packaging can choose heart-shaped or rose pictures, can be decorated with Cupid's arrows, flashing a deep heart; family gifts can choose warm colors, outstanding simple and quiet intimacy.

Gifts are mostly the same, but the gift box is different. The same gift, put into a different box, will bring a different feeling! Gifts will be very sincere if you pack a gift box. You can mix your own gifts and put them in the right box. What are the box shapes?

square rigid box

1, Ordinary square and round rigid box

Can be placed in a wide range of items, small boxes can be placed in fine jewelry, medium box for food, large box can be placed in clothing or a combination

2, three-dimensional box

The amazing moment of opening the box, if the gift inside is unified with the color of the box, it will be very intentional and the visual effect is even better!

3, round box

Suitable for combinations of flowers and perfumes

4, drawer box

The drawer box opens with a sense of surprise and can be layered to prevent it. Putting food, jewelry and flowers is a good choice

5, gluing bag

It is very suitable for perfumes, skin care products, lipsticks and other items. Adding such a beautiful bag is very hard.