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Talking about the development trend of packaging gift boxes

Apr. 11, 2019 Share:

1. Classical tradition

The ancient style of carrier shopping bag not only plays an important role in the trend, but also gives people a sense of reliability. Based on this, many brands and commodities are more likely to get consumers' attention because they know they can be trusted by the public, and packaging can just pass this key message.

2. Private customization

Brand suppliers are beginning to increase their influence through the web and social media, and consumers' understanding of the term "private customization" is more profound than before. For example, Heinz ketchup, which is particularly popular on Facebook in the United States, is popular because it can be used as a gift to your friends and lovers. At the same time, advances in technology have made commodity creation more abundant and cheaper. The rise of custom paper gift box is a good example of the vitality of the packaging industry.

custom paper gift box

3. Convenient packaging

Packaging Gift Box Design In order to be successful in the market, brand owners need to understand the potential needs of consumers. For example, convenient packaging is suitable for consumers on the road because they do not have time to open large and complex boxes. New and convenient packaging, such as soft flat packaging, can be used to dispense jams to different people. This is a very successful case.

Simple packaging can also be included in the "cute packaging", the focus is on the simple way to open. In addition, through product packaging, it is also possible to help consumers identify specific quantitations without knowing how much they use, which makes the packaging of the goods look more "cute".

4. Creative packaging

For brand owners, the ultimate goal of a good package is to be able to win the attention of consumers in the supermarket shelf for the first time, so that they can finally buy, the so-called "love at first sight." In order to achieve this goal, brand owners must convey the uniqueness of the product when advertising.

5. Technological innovation

Now, technological innovation has generated tremendous momentum in the packaging industry.