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Square Paper Wine Box Design Proposal

Nov. 24, 2018 Share:

The plan of square paper wine box actually reflects the market awareness, marketing degree, safety awareness, environmental protection concept and cost consciousness of liquor manufacturers. Therefore, the packaging plan for liquor packaging should be comprehensively considered, and packaging can become the market cooperation force of liquor. It is a success, which is also the goal of liquor packaging.

First, the traditional paper wine packaging handbag, the bulk packaging is considered to be stacked, and the block-type outsourcing is still selected on the outer packaging. Therefore, the square packaging that we see in the terminal market has become a market tributary.

Third, diamond-shaped surface packaging, diamond-shaped surface packaging is actually a regular polygonal general statement, in order to create product differentiation, many enterprises choose diamond-shaped surface packaging in the development of new products, highlighting the nature and difference of products, paper Box manufacturer.

Fourth, the special-shaped surface packaging, the special-shaped surface packaging is a part of the misplaced packaging plan adopted by the enterprise to express the product brand positioning. This kind of packaging surface has a good influence on the product and brand cost.

Fifth, the tower desktop packaging, the current, the most widely used packaging of wine packaging, the Wuliangye-based liquor company is important to adopt this type of tower desktop packaging, and Wuliangye will make the tower desktop packaging into a building. The rice cake packaging box has become a tense component of its own corporate civilization.

Sixth, cube-shaped packaging, high-grade white wines are more like to adopt such packaging, sharp edges and corners, domineering.

Square Paper Wine Box