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What Materials Are Used In The Paper Handbag?

Nov. 17, 2018 Share:

When HR-Packaging prints a carrier shopping bag for customers, the first common type of paper is the so-called white cardboard. In fact, this paper is a relatively high-grade paper. The most important feature of this paper used to make a handbag is that it looks like Compared with the beautiful fashion, the material of the paper itself gives a very delicate feeling, especially in some more expensive jewelry or clothing sales malls, you can often see customers using this handbag to carry their favorite items. Printing a tote bag with white cardboard can present a very delicate pattern and is one of the most suitable papers for printing. In addition to white cardboard, you can also choose whiteboard paper as the common paper for handbags. The biggest feature of this paper is that it has a relatively high strength. The tote bag with some heavy things and no need to worry about it will be broken. Many users will also I chose to use this kind of paper to print the tote bag. Since the tote bag is very strong, it is said that many users will not throw it away after buying the product. Usually, the tote bag can be used to load other bags. The things that invisibly help the merchants to promote the products.

HR-Packaging printing embossed paper bag may also use coated paper. The biggest feature of this paper is the high degree of gloss and whiteness. The printed pattern looks very recognizable and can be printed on the surface. It is made of a glazing film or a matt film, so that the tote bag has a certain anti-moist function, and its durability is also very prominent, and it is also one of the types of papers that are commonly used in handbags of common commodities. The price is also one of the cheaper among many handbags.

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