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What is the idea of Paper Carrier Bag packaging?

Oct. 26, 2018 Share:

One of the more important design elements in a product is the shape of the package. Like other principles such as architectural design and industrial product design, the fashion paper carrier bag design of the package and the container design are determined by their own functions. The nature, shape and weight of the packaged product are determined. HR-Brother rationally operates the principle of three-dimensional composition in solving the custom paper carrier bag structure, which is a scientific design method.

First, the packaged carton type body.

The research on polyhedron in the three-dimensional structure lies in the fact that the box looks for the change law between the face and the face of the polyhedron, and explores the relationship between the change of the face of the shape and the strength of the material.

Second, the packaging container design.

The same space art of container design is to create a three-dimensional image in space with various materials and processing methods. When determining a basic shape, the "sculpture method" is often used as the basic means, and then the shape is cut and Match.

The basic shape is derived from geometric shapes, such as spherical solids, cylinders, cones, etc. The bottle shape of cosmetics is usually based on the cabbage column, and the three-dimensional column structure is mainly reflected in the column end. The cylindrical change and the ridgeline change of the cylinder adopt three methods of cutting, flexing, rotating, concave and the like for each part.

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