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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Ordering A Gift Box?

Mar. 26, 2019 Share:

Carton packaging is the material that protects the product, and it is also the packaging that is often used. Good packaging can attract customers, let customers feel the high-end products, bad cardboard boxes will make others feel, products are general, and bad cardboard boxes are easy to cause damage to products. 

When purchasing the carton, pay attention to the characteristics of the carton, and pay attention to some special matters, so as not to buy the carton of the defective product. The following HR Packaging custom paper gift box is made to let you know the carton purchase precautions.

custom paper gift box

1. Carton side pressure strength: The ability of the paperboard to withstand the pressure parallel to the direction.

2. carton compressive strength: the force generated by increasing the displacement at a constant speed to compress the carton, the maximum force that the carton can withstand is called compressive strength, this strength for the same specification carton, mainly determined by the carton edge compressive strength.

3. Under the premise of satisfying the quality standards such as burst strength, puncture strength and compressive strength, the thickness of the carton is not as thick as possible. On the contrary, the carton with exquisite printing, good hand feeling and moderate thickness is more and more been accepted by customers.

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