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The influence of packaging design on consumer psychology

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The influence of packaging design on consumer psychology shared by custom kraft paper bag supplier.

The primary function of package design is to protect the goods, followed by beautify the goods and convey information. It is worth noting that for modern consumption, the latter two functions have become increasingly important. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people are not only satisfied with the life of food and clothing, but also more and more picky about commodities. The competition between manufacturers and similar products is also becoming increasingly fierce, especially with the continuous expansion of supermarkets, packaging design should highlight the information and value function of goods. So, how to let consumers in the process of purchasing, gratified to buy goods on the shelves? The author thinks that good packaging design in addition to solving the basic principles of design, but also focus on the study of consumer psychological activities, in order to stand out in the same kind of goods.

1. Consumption motivation

The most direct goal of commodity packaging is to motivate consumers to buy. This goal should be the first consideration when making the plan of commodity packaging. Secondly, even if consumers are not prepared to buy such products, they should be encouraged to have a good impression of the brand, packaging and trademark of such products as well as the manufacturer.

The consumer's decision to spend money on something is motivated by some motivation. People's actions are generally dominated by certain subjective internal reasons, namely motivation, which is closely related to needs. Motivation is the embodiment of needs under certain conditions and transformed from human needs. In other words, people act to meet a certain need. Consumers go to stores to buy something because they need it. If winter comes, people will go to the store to buy down jackets or coats and other things to protect against the cold.

Motivation comes from need, but not all human needs can be translated into motivation to push people to act. Needs are often experienced in the form of wishes. For example, it's human nature that many people want their skin to be healthy and beautiful. But in the absence of cosmetic products such as anti-wrinkle creams, this desire does not motivate people to buy cosmetics, but only exists in the form of desire. Only when a certain manufacturer produces this kind of product and makes consumers know that they have cosmetics to satisfy their beauty desire through advertising, then consumers will go to the store to buy this kind of cosmetics. This is a purchase motivated by the desire to fulfill. Only then does need really translate into motivation. Become the motivation for people to buy.

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Human needs are hierarchical, and many psychologists have made in-depth discussions on this. American psychologist maslow's "hierarchy of needs" is one of them. He divided human needs into five levels:

(1) physiological needs: eating, drinking, air, etc.;

(2) the need for security: the need for freedom in the face of danger and fear;

(3) the need to belong and love each other: the need to get love from relatives and friends, to set up a family;

(4) the need for respect and honor;

(5) self-realistic needs.

The need of self-reality includes the need of seeking knowledge; Aesthetic needs; The need for self-growth and development; The need to give full play to one's talents, etc. Some consumers buy goods for use, but also to show their status, education, taste and so on. For example, when "mobile phones" first entered the Chinese market, many people who bought "mobile phones" satisfied their vanity by showing their "economic strength" in business or in public. It can be said that this is a spiritual need to meet the purchase motive. So. Consumer needs and motivation types should be investigated when designing and positioning different commodity packages. In order to carry on the packing design pertinently.

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