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Several Major Elements Of Moon Cake Packaging Design

Jul. 12, 2019 Share:

There are three concepts to be followed in the moon cake packaging design: the design of the moon cake packaging box, the moon cake spirit culture, and the color matching. 

Below China Corrugated Foldable Box manufacturer will introduce these three aspects of Mid-Autumn moon cake packaging design.

1. The design connotation of moon cake packaging box

The exquisite mooncake packaging is the main trend of mooncake packaging design in China in recent years. The connotation of mooncake packaging design is reflected by the fun of the screen, the appeal of packaging design and corporate culture. According to the inherent attributes of the product and the color of the product, we design a mooncake package that is beautiful, beautifully colored, and beautifully finished.

China Corrugated Foldable Box

2. Moon cake spirit culture

To design a unique moon cake box, you need to understand the design connotation of the moon cake box and the design concept of the moon cake box. Mooncakes not only sell products, but also a culture of mooncakes. It is a blessing to convey friendship, communication, and sustenance. The cultural elements are reflected in the packaging of moon cakes, which can stimulate consumers' desire to purchase and benefit the seasonal sales of moon cakes.

3. Moon cake packaging design color matching

As we all know, when we step into the mooncake box market, we are more attracted to the outer packaging with strong color, which is the role of packaging color. The effect of the moon cake packaging design pays more attention to the external exquisiteness, which requires the designer to use good color.

Because color plays a crucial role in beautifying products, setting the theme, and improving consumer recognition of the product.

In addition to attracting our attention, packaging color also helps consumers to become interested in goods, thereby increasing consumers' desire to buy.