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Dec. 15,
How To Choose A Handbag? Most of the paper carrier bag are printed, die-cut, glued and formed by offset printing machines using heavy kraft paper, white cardboard, gray-white cardboard, white-white cardboa...
Dec. 12,
How To Highlight The Key Points On The Gift Box Package(Ⅱ)? Thematic: This is the basis for deciding how to carry out gift box.
Dec. 08,
What Are The Advantages Of A Paper Carrier Bag? Environmental protection: The use of paper carrier shopping bag by the whole people can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags and greatly reduce the spread of white pollution.
Dec. 05,
How To Highlight The Key Points On The Gift Box Package (Ⅰ)? The gift should generally highlight the following points on the package
Nov. 28,
What Should We Pay Attention To When Printing A Handle Bag ? The first problem that the printing house needs to pay attention to when printing the carrier shopping bag for customers is the adjustment of the printing pressure.
Nov. 24,
Square Paper Wine Box Design Proposal The plan of square paper wine box actually reflects the market awareness, marketing degree, safety awareness, environmental protection concept and cost consciousness of liquor manu...
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