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Nov. 17,
What Materials Are Used In The Paper Handbag? When HR-Packaging prints a carrier shopping bag for customers, the first common type of paper is the so-called white cardboard.
Nov. 14,
Why Corrugated Boxes Are More Durable? Most of the corrugated kraft paper box are packaged in household appliances. They are durable and durable for large-scale merchandise packaging, and have a special effect on the qu...
Nov. 10,
Requirements For Paper Gift Box Customization According to the different products of the packaging product specifications, the choice of packaging materials for different types of packaging, and the choice of materials, there ...
Nov. 06,
The Shape Design And Common Form Of Packaging Box We all know that a more important design element in the packaging design of goods is the shape of the packaging. Like other principles such as architectural design and industrial p...
Nov. 03,
How To Design A Foldable Box custom folding box design should be based on the "product", combined with the characteristics of the product itself.
Oct. 31,
What Are The Advantages Of Kraft Paper Bags? Kraft paper bag is a composite material or pure kraft paper handbag, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, low-carbon environmental protection, in line with national environmental st...
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