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Jan. 15,
Paper Carrier Bag Advertising Is Very Powerful Nowadays, the marketing promotion methods of merchants are various. I don’t know when and where to see advertisements of merchants. Many merchants will not only use multimedia pr...
Jan. 09,
What Is The Difference Between Gift Bag Materials? The more commonly used materials for custom gift box are paper. Because the texture of the paper can be harder.
Jan. 03,
How To Choose A Gift Boxes? Printing Logo Paper Gift Box are promotional paper bags for promotion purposes, but customers who generally customize such paper bags will generally have a small number of paper ba...
Dec. 27,
Why Are Christmas Gift Bags More And More Popular? custom paper gift box should first be an extension of corporate image and merchandising strategy, so the production of shopping bags must be environmentally friendly, exquisite and...
Dec. 22,
How to Design a Christmas Gift Bag? At this time, they must use the gift bag. And Christmas is very close, and everyone definitely needs a Christmas Calendar gift box to put gifts for themselves.
Dec. 15,
How To Choose A Handbag? Most of the paper carrier bag are printed, die-cut, glued and formed by offset printing machines using heavy kraft paper, white cardboard, gray-white cardboard, white-white cardboa...
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