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Feb. 26,
Yves St Laurent Perfume Celebrates with Special Edition Gift Box To celebrate the success of Yves St Laurent's flagship perfume Mon Paris, luxury packaging design studio Appartement 103 (appartement103.com) was commissioned to create this specia...
Feb. 20,
What Are The Benefits Of Gift Boxes? “Reciprocity” is a long-standing tradition in China, and more and more companies and individuals are aware of the importance of gift boxes.
Feb. 16,
How To Customize Paper Packaging? In addition to protecting goods, warehousing and transportation, Customize Foldable Box also serves to beautify goods and promote goods.
Feb. 13,
Gift Box Design Elements The purpose of the china gift paper packaging box is to arouse the customer's desire to purchase.
Jan. 26,
High-End Gift Boxes Design Nowadays, the high-end packaging materials on the market are packed in various kinds, such as wooden boxes, leather boxes, iron boxes, paper boxes, etc., but we are more common in ...
Jan. 22,
How To Print High Quality Carrier Shopping Bags? In the printing of portable paper bags, many logo printing paper carrier bag factories do not pay attention to the type of ink, and there is no good control in the printing process...
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