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Mar. 26,
What Should Be Paid Attention To When Ordering A Gift Box? Good packaging can attract customers, let customers feel the high-end products, bad cardboard boxes will make others feel, products are general, and bad cardboard boxes are easy to...
Mar. 22,
Ten Principles Of Custom Design For Gift Boxes HR-Brother is a packaging company which produces carrier shopping bag, recycled paper&cloth carrier bag, kraft crash folding box​ with paper pulp molding and printing machines an...
Mar. 18,
What Are The Benefits Of Gift Boxes? “Reciprocity” is a long-standing tradition in China, and more and more companies and individuals are aware of the importance of gift boxes. Even if it is a valuable gift, the p...
Mar. 15,
Food Gift Box Packaging Related Matters Before we delve into the food custom paper gift box, let's take a look at the common food types. Nowadays, the common food types are snacks, health products, expensive ingredients,...
Mar. 09,
Low Carbon And Environmentally Friendly Gift Box Packaging With the development of environmental awareness, the printing and packaging industry is moving towards green environmental protection.
Mar. 02,
How To Design A High-End Packaging Box? square rigid box design should boldly use color elements: color is a direct influence on the consumer's visual senses. In order to focus on the color of the packaging, it is necess...
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