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Apr. 17,
How To Design The Color Of The Gift Box When the custom paper gift box factory produces the carton, the gift box is packaged in many times. This is an external packaging of the product, which is of high value.
Apr. 15,
Two Common Shirt Gift Bags Custom Misunderstanding The color of printing is the same. One of the misunderstandings that many of us often have is that our shirts are mainly made of this color product.
Apr. 14,
How Gift Box Design Touches Consumers Today, with the increasing homogenization of goods, we always hope that we can use a method to make the original custom paper gift box appear in front of customers in a differentia...
Apr. 11,
Talking about the development trend of packaging gift boxes The ancient style of carrier shopping bag not only plays an important role in the trend, but also gives people a sense of reliability.
Apr. 04,
Talking About The Characteristics And Structure Of Gift Packaging Shape: The shape of the custom paper gift box, such as the rectangular parallelepiped, heart shape, cylinder, round body, etc., but always can not be separated from two basic packa...
Mar. 30,
What Are The Advantages Of Paper Carrier Bag? Handmade paper bags are often used. When you are shopping, you will find that the merchants will provide you with very beautiful portable paper bags. The use of portable paper bags...
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