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May. 16,
[Gift box for sale]Notes for gift box packaging design As the "state of etiquette" in China, from ancient to modern friends and relatives have the habit of gifts, gift box packaging of the foldable box is becoming more and more exquisi...
May. 11,
[gift box wholesaler China]Several questions about the gift boxes that customers... The making of gift boxes is a systematic project. Many professional technical problems will not be well reflected in the details of gift boxes if they are not well handled. Today, ...
May. 07,
What is a creative gift box? The gift box itself is very creative, very unique in appearance, but also very strange in design. The most important thing is that this creative gift box can bring surprise to othe...
Apr. 28,
What should be pay attention when customizing gift boxes? Custom gift box wholesaler​ shares that in the taste of many goods packaging, so that consumers feel dissatisfied, even bored, directly affecting the sales of goods. Under the cu...
Apr. 23,
Design Of The Gift Box Collapsible Box Wholesaler shares that as people's living standard and quality of life constantly improve, many businessmen at the time of selling their products, most products to ...
Apr. 19,
The Main Way Of Gift Box Packaging Design Packaging cartons are now on the market, and there is a high demand for a wide variety of carton pack designs. Therefore, there are several different design methods for the product...
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