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Jun. 21,
How to choose the right heat shrink packaging machine? Shared by China gift paper packaging box supplier. One: we want to understand the shrink packaging film material, products shrink packaging, how to transport, if you want to box a...
Jun. 15,
How to distinguish aluminum foil bag from aluminized bag? As collapsible box wholesale, how to distinguish aluminum foil bag from aluminized bag? 1, watch: because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as aluminized, so the re...
Jun. 10,
[Gift box for sale]What is green printing? Foldable box wholesale China shares that green printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, saving resources and energy in the printing process, ...
Jun. 04,
[Rigid boxes for sale]The compressive strength of cartons Rigid boxes wholesale​ shares that carton compressive strength is the most important quality indicators of many commodity packaging requirements, the test will be placed between ...
May. 30,
[Packaging box Supplier]Customized concept of carton packaging Carton packaging, as a common form of packaging, is widely used in the field of packaging by virtue of its advantages of easy folding, easy shaping, easy bonding and low cost.
May. 25,
The function and importance of making knife mould for packing box Gift paper packaging box China shares that any box mass production must be out of the mold, I believe that many customers will listen to the box manufacturers said.
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