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How To Design The Color Of The Gift Box

Apr. 17, 2019 Share:

When the custom paper gift box factory produces the carton, the gift box is packaged in many times. This is an external packaging of the product, which is of high value. Therefore, meeting the aesthetic needs of people is beautiful and generous. It depends on the design and distribution of the color, the content attached to the picture, and the text is also displayed. The most important thing is that the gift box factory pays special attention to its color matching when producing the carton.

custom paper gift box

Tone is the general tendency of the color matching of the picture, and the total mood is a set of color main colors, which occupy the absolute superior printing technology. Packaging requires the display of merchandise on a remote shelf to convey product information, which requires strong color to match the print market.

Therefore, the key to printing logo paper gift box color design is color design equipment consumables. The design of the tone design is consistent with the main functions of the product. The design requirements and time of color tone, and the happiness of different regions and different nationalities should avoid unity, and should be able to adapt to this change and conform to the trend of the times.

In addition, it is the contrast and contrast of the colors. The two pairs of colors are called contrast colors, and the difference in hue and brightness is the biggest, leaving a sharp and strong contrast printing tool. Colors can only be accurately represented by contrast. There is contrast and harmony. Two similar colors are called coordinated printing tools. Color harmony gives people a sense of subtlety, richness, elegance, pleasure and comfort.

Another important color is the rhythm. People often say that music has a rhythm. Why is color rhythm? One of the important factors of rhythm, the form reflects many changes in composition, such as intensity, light and shadow, softness and actual situation, the contradiction between the two sides is not a simple repetition, but various Rhythmic movement, it has two repetitions, and development, all aspects of mutual restraint, mutual promotion, reflecting the natural harmonious printing market.

The basic requirement of packaging color design is to deal with the relationship between change and unity, change the unity, and unify the change, the so-called color rhythm.