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How To Design A High-End Packaging Box?

Mar. 02, 2019 Share:

square rigid box design should boldly use color elements: color is a direct influence on the consumer's visual senses. In order to focus on the color of the packaging, it is necessary to combine the product and the packaging box, and integrate the color in the product into the packaging design. Because each product has different characteristics and color, it is applied to the packaging box. The colors will also be different, so the designed boxes have their own characteristics, but according to market research, consumers are more interested in gold and silver, so they must be cleverly integrated into the packaging design.

custom paper gift box design should focus on styling: styling is also a major factor directly affecting consumers. People are often attracted by the novel packaging box. For example, some liquor companies design their own wine boxes into a local landmark. Once such a box is launched, people tend to pay for their curiosity.

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