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How to distinguish aluminum foil bag from aluminized bag?

Jun. 15, 2019 Share:

As collapsible box wholesale, how to distinguish aluminum foil bag from aluminized bag?

1, watch: because the brightness of aluminum foil is not as bright as aluminized, so the reflective aluminum foil is not as good as aluminized film, aluminized bag can shine a figure, but the matting film aluminized except. The appearance of matting film and aluminum foil is very similar. Can block the opening of the bag, through the strong light to see the bag inside, aluminum foil bag inside impervious to light, light is aluminized bag.

2, hand feel: the aluminum foil bag has a thick, stiff and heavy hand feel, and the aluminized bag is lighter and softer than the aluminum foil bag.

3, folding: aluminum foil bag is easy to fold dead fold dead mark, aluminum bag will not fold into dead fold dead mark, and will quickly rebound.

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4, twist: twist aluminum foil bag coalesce is not easy to rebound, aluminum layer will appear fracture. Aluminized bag twist will be soon after the kink will spring apart, aluminum layer will not have obvious cracks.

5, with fire: aluminum foil bag with fire point is not easy to burn, aluminum layer will roll back, after burning aluminum foil packaging will leave gray aluminum residue. Different burning conditions of plastic film may occur when aluminized film is burned.

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