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[Rigid boxes for sale]The compressive strength of cartons

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The compressive strength of cartons

Rigid boxes wholesale shares that carton compressive strength is the most important quality indicators of many commodity packaging requirements, the test will be placed between corrugated cardboard, pressure to carton collapse pressure, that is, the carton compressive strength, expressed by KN.

1, carton compressive strength: carton requirements have a certain compressive strength, because the packaging of goods in the storage and transportation process stacking at the lowest layer of cartons under the pressure of the upper carton, in order not to collapse, must have appropriate compressive strength, carton compressive strength is calculated by the following formula: P = KW (n - 1) type of P - carton compressive strength, n W - carton weight after loading, n, n - stacking layer K - stacking layer stacking safety coefficient n according to the stacking height H and a single carton height H, o, n = H/H stacking safety factor according to the stacking layers to determine, gb regulation: the storage period is less than 30 d take K = 1.6 storage period 30 d - 100 - d take K = 1.65 storage period is more than 100 d take K = 2.0

2, calculate the carton compressive strength according to the raw material: after the carton compressive strength is predetermined, choose appropriate carton board and corrugated base paper to produce corrugated carton, avoid the waste caused by blind production; There are many formulas for calculating the carton's compressive strength according to the ring compressive strength of raw paper, but the kellicutt formula is more concise and practical, which is suitable for estimating the carton's compressive strength of type 0201.

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3, the method to determine the carton compressive strength: due to the influence of various factors in the production process, the carton compressive strength produced by raw materials may not be completely consistent with the estimated results, so the final accurate determination of the corrugated carton compressive strength method is the carton after constant temperature and humidity treatment with carton compressive test machine; For small and medium-sized factories without testing equipment, a board can be built on the carton, and then pile up the same amount of weight on the board, to roughly determine whether the carton compressive strength meets the requirements.

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