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How to design a gift box?

Oct. 23, 2018 Share:

In addition to the basic packaging functions such as protecting goods, delivering product information, and selling goods, custom paper gift box can also improve product grades and added value. For packaging and printing companies, how can customers be satisfied with the products.

The structural design directly determines whether the packaging is strong and durable, and also relates to the manufacturing, processing and economic costs of the packaging. According to the packaging experience, the following problems should be considered when designing the packaging of the recycled corrugated paper gift box:

(1) The grade positioning of commodities mainly involves packaging design and material selection. In the same grade of commodity packaging, the materials selected should be guaranteed to be the most economical and environmentally friendly.

(2) The characteristics and accessories of the goods, mainly related to the box design and lining selection of the package.

(3) Meet the basic requirements of packaging and printing plants.

(4) The corresponding packaging test ensures that the package has a certain strength enough to protect the contents.

(5) Try to make the package meet the mechanized or semi-mechanized production.

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