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[gift box wholesaler China]Several questions about the gift boxes that customers care about

May. 11, 2019 Share:

Several questions about the gift boxes that customers care about

The making of gift boxes is a systematic project. Many professional technical problems will not be well reflected in the details of gift boxes if they are not well handled. Today, gift box wholesaler China hassorted out the problems concerned by customers for you as follows:

1. Pasting problems

Pasting means to use adhesive to pasting the fabric on wood or board. In addition, different pasting fabrics, pasting materials, and even the same pasting material thickness, the use of glue is also different.

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2. Shelf life of the gift box

There is a shelf life, but it usually ranges from six months to a year, depending on the glue.

3. Anti-mold problem of pasted gift box

The key point of anti - mildew is adding anti - mildew agent, water control, product sterilization and so on.

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