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[Gift box for sale]Notes for gift box packaging design

May. 16, 2019 Share:

Notes for gift box packaging design

As the "state of etiquette" in China, from ancient to modern friends and relatives have the habit of gifts, gift box packaging of the foldable box is becoming more and more exquisite. Today, I would like to summarize and share with you the details that we pay attention to when designing the gift box packaging.

1. Box structure

Usually, the gift box packaging is about high-end atmosphere. Therefore, in the box structure, the gift box packaging is mainly sedate, rhythm and rhythm, contrast and coordination, symmetry and balance, stability and center, as well as proportion and size are factors to be considered. Common gift box packaging design structure has clamshell type, drawer type, modular, portable, etc.

2. Packaging materials

The custom foldable box Supplier points that packaging material of the gift box is generally high-grade, but also pay attention to environmental protection and health. Avoid by all means cannot choose the packing material that pollutes to have acrid smell. If the gift box is to be sent by mail or over a long distance, then it must be considered the strength of the gift box, taking into account the various problems that may occur in transit, such as wear, waterproof and so on.

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3. About the packaging style

Any packaging should be designed for the target audience, and gift boxes are no exception. When designing gift boxes, we need to consider the image, characteristics, target groups and other comprehensive aspects of the gift box, not only from their own point of view to consider the problem, but also from the point of view of consumers, using personalized design to attract consumers.

Of course, different countries and regions or nationalities have different preferences and taboos on colors and patterns (color taboos of gifts) due to different social systems, religious beliefs and customs. Therefore, designers must fully understand the market before designing.