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Gift Box Design Elements

Feb. 13, 2019 Share:

1. The purpose of the china gift paper packaging box is to arouse the customer's desire to purchase. The shape of the box should be beautiful and generous, the pattern is vivid, and it has an artistic sense, which can give the customer a bright feeling. Although the quality of the customer's judgement is not based on the outside decoration, the display role of the package is still very important when it is not used.

2. custom paper gift box selection. The correctness of the choice of materials directly affects the competitiveness of the goods, so the selection of gift boxes is very important.

3. packaging color. It is important that the color and product of the design are coordinated as much as possible. This is a component that stimulates consumer spending. A reasonable combination of tones highlights the characteristics of the product and gives the customer a strong appeal.

4. Pay attention to the communication of product information. The filling process of the package can be said to be an advertisement for the content. Pay attention to the communication function of the packaging in the design, and the design content should clearly and accurately convey the product related information and product features. Once the packaging misleads the audience "referring to the deer as a horse", even if the decoration form is beautiful and novel, it will fail.

5.the product label. This part of the content allows us to have a certain understanding of the goods, including the brand, date of manufacture, expiration date, how to use it, and so on.

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