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What Is The Difference Between Gift Bag Materials?

Jan. 09, 2019 Share:

The more commonly used materials for custom gift box are paper. Because the texture of the paper can be harder. The gift bag can also be folded into many different shapes and complement the color on the gift bag. Maybe sometimes when you want to buy a certain item, you don't like this item very much, but you like this gift bag. Like a cake. Small gift boxes are always pleasing to the eye, which will give people more desire to buy.

The recycled corrugated paper gift box is can also made of non-woven material. The non-woven fabric is a non-woven fabric which directly utilizes high-polymer slicing, short fibers or filaments to form a novel fibrous product having a soft, permeable and planar structure by various web forming methods and consolidation techniques. Such a gift bag can particularly highlight the elegant temperament of the product on a particular product.

There are a lot of materials you can't think of in the gift bag. No matter what the material is, how to make it is to make the value of the product. Although it is only a foiling effect, it is really indispensable for the product.

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