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Food Gift Box Packaging Related Matters

Mar. 15, 2019 Share:

Before we delve into the food custom paper gift box, let's take a look at the common food types. Nowadays, the common food types are snacks, health products, expensive ingredients, native products and some common daily ingredients. The packaging used in gift boxes is generally more expensive or distinctive products, such as health products, expensive ingredients and native products. Of course, some snack packs or imported snacks are sometimes packaged in gift packs.

The food packaging gift box actually has a lot of attention. Some companies don't know the secrets of them, and often make mistakes on the packaging, thus losing some customers. The first point of the paper chocolate box is not to overpack. Excessive packaging is not only not allowed by relevant national laws and regulations, but also causes customers' dislike. For example, in order to highlight the value of a product, some companies often use multi-layer packaging, and packaging will be very luxurious. As everyone knows, when customers unpack a layer of packaging, they found that the proportion of the product and the packaging are seriously inconsistent, there will be a great resentment, and the company believes that the company will cut corners. The second point of the food packaging gift box is to have special features. This requirement is generally reflected in souvenirs. The packaging of many local products is very simple, and sometimes even a few cartoon cows and hens are printed on it. In fact, native products are products of very cultural value. When designing packaging, we should start with the regional culture and return to nature to reflect the depth of the product.

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