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How To Design A Foldable Box

Nov. 03, 2018 Share:

1, custom folding box design should be based on the "product", combined with the characteristics of the product itself, according to its size, shape, material, style, grade, style, connotation and other factors to determine the form of packaging, shaping the brand's personality and temperament To fully reflect the attributes of the product, it is necessary to know ourselves. The designer of the packaging factory must first understand the product, corporate culture, etc. before designing for the customer, and then make corresponding design based on this information.

2, the design should be guided by the "market". Before the design concept, it is necessary to conduct relevant market research, fully understand the market situation, obtain the freshest design concept from the market feedback information, and rationally locate.

3, the design should be centered on "consumer", the design is to promote the purchase of consumers, therefore, we must fully consider the needs of different consumer groups, based on market research, targeted design, packaging style And the emotional expression must conform to the age group, level, aesthetic taste of the target group, and thus resonate with it. The aesthetics of the oem collapsible box are different for each age group. Young people may like personality, small and fresh, and older. It may be a little extravagant, so make different designs for different age groups.

4, the design takes "material" as the main point, choose to be able to fully protect the goods, the choice of packaging material should not only consider the packaging shape and color, but also solve the structure, materials, cost, technology, etc. 

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