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Low Carbon And Environmentally Friendly Gift Box Packaging

Mar. 09, 2019 Share:

With the development of environmental awareness, the printing and packaging industry is moving towards green environmental protection. Such a development trend is bound to lead to the development of more green packaging forms, such as recycled paper carrier bag. The advent of the paper packaging era has brought business opportunities to the paper industry, which is plagued by overcapacity.

The world is calling for green packaging and cherishing the earth. Paper technology is bound to be widely used in the packaging and printing industry. Green packaging will become the development trend of the packaging industry in the future, with paper, wood, paper, glass, and paper. Paper on behalf of metals has become a consensus for sustainable development.

Recycleable kraft paper box based on paper and cardboard has the advantages of low cost, resource saving, easy machining, environmental protection, pollution-free, easy recycling and recycling. Whether it is a carton for transport packaging or a carton or paper bag for the outer packaging of products for sale, paper is preferred. With the development of papermaking technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, traditional single paper materials are developing in a diversified direction. Composite paper, functional special paper and non-polluting vegetable fiber paper are constantly being developed. The function and applicability of paper are not the same as before, and gradually replace the packaging of other materials.

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