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[Packaging box Supplier]Customized concept of carton packaging

May. 30, 2019 Share:

Carton packaging, as a common form of packaging, is widely used in the field of packaging by virtue of its advantages of easy folding, easy shaping, easy bonding and low cost. Carton packaging has its own characteristics in structural design, novel appearance design and perfect packaging function, easy to attract consumers' curiosity and buying desire, rich personality carton appearance design is increasingly popular among consumers, and can meet the market demand. The following from the China gift paper packaging box to bring you some modern carton custom concept of sharing.

Carton packaging it in addition to the protection of goods, convenient storage, transport, but also play the role of beautifying goods, publicity goods. Packaging in the fundamental sense in order to protect the product each layer of the design are considered from the product characteristics, including waterproof layer, flame retardant layer and other design measures. Since more than half a century, corrugated carton with its superior performance and good processing properties gradually replaced wooden boxes and other transport packaging containers, become the main force of transport packaging.

China gift paper packaging box

Now the carton packaging is also the same as clothing and artistic design, pay attention to individuality, beauty, creativity. Developers of all kinds of products are also in the product packaging up and down full effort, specially ask designers to design the packaging of products, hope that when the product is on the market, from the first can catch the eye of consumers, stimulate the desire to buy. Packaging design is to serve consumers, from the perspective of consumer use, preference is the most basic starting point of packaging design.

Clear product characteristics to design packaging carton is undoubtedly the first step, can highlight the personality of the product design packaging, as a part of brand identification elements, it will lead consumers to think about the extension and association of the brand, the subsequent purchase or even the purchase of other products under the brand has a direct impact!

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