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On the trend of corrugated foldable box in China this year

Jun. 27, 2019 Share:

On the trend of corrugated foldable box in China this year

This year, many uncertainties in the global economy still exist, so it is still in a state of slow growth and the economic situation is grim and not optimistic. It is expected that this year the total number of corrugated foldable box worldwide will have greater changes.

Among them, the corrugated industry in Asia is still expected to maintain rapid growth, the corrugated industry in our country will still double-digit lead in the global industry, the corrugated industry in Europe will be flat or negative growth, the corrugated industry growth in Latin America than in Europe and the United States, but behind the pace of development in our country, the corrugated industry keep slow growth in the United States.

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In terms of promoting development of innovative products: corrugated cartons account for about 75% of China's paper packaging products, and thousands of thousands of people are following the single plank bridge. Market homogenization competition has affected the healthy development of the industry.

In this year, science and technology, innovation, green, urbanization construction, technological transformation, injection of funds, the above six major driving forces to promote the development of the industry.

This year, the industry association will be in agricultural by-product packaging, food packaging, honeycomb paperboard, craft packaging, 25 kg heavy paper bag packaging, mechanical and electrical products to replace wood packaging paper, express packaging, paper tube, paper bucket, furniture and daily supplies, exhibition advertising on the guidance, this kind of packaging will have 10% of the increase.

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