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The concept of packaging design is crucial

Jul. 15, 2019 Share:

The concept of packaging design is crucial, shared the gift box manufacturer.

"Shape" generally refers to the shape and structure of objects shown by the figure. Traditional Chinese graphics are rooted in the traditional art source of Chinese nationality and region, and they have many differences from the modeling mode of modern graphics.

Traditional Chinese graphics mainly focus on the integrity and decoration of solid shapes (or conformal shapes), and pay attention to the echo, courtesy and interpenetration between shapes. In fabric construction, they mostly follow the bone pattern of seeking integration and even symmetry.

For example, taiji pattern, the most primitive and basic auspicious pattern in China, is composed of two fish-shaped patterns in black and white. From the two doll head, body, hand, foot cleverly connected to form the upper, lower, left, right can see four doll "four pleasing patterns"; The nine grids formed by the concept of five elements and five directions, the figure of rice character grid, the character of fish and the character of car, etc.

The "shape" in traditional graphics is applied to modern logo design, which can not only retain the verve of traditional art, but also have distinct characteristics of The Times, and fully express the concept and personality contained in the logo.

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After the traditional graphic elements are derived and then applied to the modern logo design, Hong Kong design master jin diqiang can be said to be a good model. His sibiao of "jin diqiang design co., LTD." is under the guidance of the company's "people-oriented" concept, and adopts the traditional auspicious pattern "fang sheng", which represents "concentric and double combination, interlinked", as its basic framework.

Although corporate emblem prototype to "side", but Mr JinDiQiang visual sensibilities and his profound connotation of traditional graphic artistically sensibilities, make him not truthfully for prototype copy, but after the extraction of the shape, derivative and reengineering, make corporate emblem with Oriental national individual character, more and more used to adapt to the future, it is not a success for us enlightenment!

Therefore, when evaluating the bid, Chen hanmin said, "I think Mr. Jin's design is a success. First, it is a combination of nationality and modernity. Second, sibiao pays attention to the concept, containing large capacity, rich in philosophy, for people to associate; Thirdly, the image is changeable and can be applied well. Of course, this is first of all the original target 'credit'."

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