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The function and importance of making knife mould for packing box

May. 25, 2019 Share:

The function and importance of making knife mould for packing box

Gift paper packaging box China shares that any box mass production must be out of the mold, I believe that many customers will listen to the box manufacturers said. For example, when making the sample box, if you are sure not to change the size will be out of the mold, and on the size is not very sure will be manual proofing. The knife and mould of the gift box manufacturer are all made by the outside knife and mould factory, and the drawings of the knife and mould are all drawn by the knife and mould factory according to the requirements of the gift box factory. Let's talk about the role of the knife mold and the importance of doing a good job.

The drawing of cutting die is generally drawn according to the actual sample of the packing box, if there is no sample, the general box type can be drawn as long as there is a size. Most of the proofing boxes draw the knife mold drawings through the size, so the size often varies. The best way is to make the sample by hand first, and then make the knife mold according to the hand-made sample, so that the knife mold is the most standard, and not easy to make mistakes. When making gift box samples, the size of the box is usually determined according to the product. Die is to determine the size of the box, box, but a die error, the final box must be wrong. Just like the design drawing of the house and bridge, a slight deviation will cause the collapse of the bridge and house. Therefore, the box manufacturers believe that the knife mold line for the importance of the box is the same as the architectural design of the importance of the building.

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Therefore, before the mass production of packaging boxes, we always try out a sample with a knife mold, and then cut the material after confirming that there is no problem. Even if there is a problem with the knife mold, there will be a chance to modify it, so that we can finally produce the mass production. It is with this research attitude that we can do a good job in packaging boxes.

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