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Why Are Christmas Gift Bags More And More Popular?

Dec. 27, 2018 Share:

Christmas calendar gift box features

1.Environmentally friendly, exquisite and durable

custom paper gift box should first be an extension of corporate image and merchandising strategy, so the production of shopping bags must be environmentally friendly, exquisite and durable. The structure is tight, and the bottomless pine is made of "hot melt" to fully automatic bag making machine, which sticks all parts of the shopping bag to form a compact structure. The paper bag has no creases, and the bonding is accurate and beautiful. Shopping bags, so there is no crease on the surface of the bag, plus the hot sol is strong and the drying is rapid, so the bonding is accurate and beautiful.

2.Upright cotton rope handle, no punched cordless knot

The cotton rope is fixed with two pieces of heavy kraft paper with a hot sol, and the kraft paper is fixed on the paper bag. The handle of the shopping bag is "upright" and does not need to be punched, and there is no protruding knot. The overall structure is strengthened, and the packaging function is enhanced. The handle, kraft board, paper bag and bag bottom are integrally formed with hot melt, so the overall structure of the shopping bag is strengthened and can withstand more than 5 kg.

Christmas Gift Bags