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How to choose the right heat shrink packaging machine?

Jun. 21, 2019 Share:

How to choose the right heat shrink packaging machine? Shared by China gift paper packaging box supplier.

One: we want to understand the shrink packaging film material, products shrink packaging, how to transport, if you want to box again, shrink packaging products can choose a little opposite to the film material, shrink packaging if direct transport, we need to consider the selection of relatively thick shrink film material;

Two: we want to understand the need for shrink packaging product shape, if the product is irregular products, in the selection of shrink packaging machine and shrink packaging film to pay more attention, can not be considered by the general shrink packaging machine model.

Three: we need to know the speed of shrinkage packaging, that is, the number of products that need shrinkage packaging, and the efficiency of shrinkage packaging per hour;

Four: we need to know the size of the products we need to shrink packaging, packaging size determines the choice of shrink packaging machine model.

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