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How To Print High Quality Carrier Shopping Bags?

Jan. 22, 2019 Share:

In the printing of portable paper bags, many logo printing paper carrier bag  factories do not pay attention to the type of ink, and there is no good control in the printing process, so there may be a series of problems in the quality of printing.

The portable paper bag is printed with ink, so that the paper bag cannot be placed near the solvent-based ink, and the solvent-based organic solvent and the ink of the printing paper bag can not be put together, which may make the printing There was a problem with the carry-on paper bag. After listening to the introduction of paper-handed paper bags manufacturers, I believe everyone has understood that ink plays a key role in the printing of custom paper carrier bag. So you should learn to save ink in the right way.

First of all, the temperature should be strictly controlled, the ink should be placed indoors, and the temperature should be kept at 20 degrees.

Secondly, when using ink, you should use a professional tool to evenly stir the ink to ensure print quality.

Finally, in the process of printing the paper bag, it is also important to pay attention to the pH and viscosity. When the viscosity changes, it can be diluted by water or thickened by adding ink. When the pH changes, it should also be adjusted by special raw materials.

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