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Sep. 21,
Our modern packaging calls for the green planning trend 1. With the idea of the 21st century green, set off to protect the environment and save capital as the base of the green revolution, green packaging has been the inevitable trend o...
Sep. 06,
Environmental protection gift box has a better development With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, international exchanges are increasingly frequent, international political, economic, cultural, sports, business, religious act...
Aug. 26,
What should be focused on when customizing high-end gift boxes? With the development of cosmetics industry, let us see high-end gift box in the market competition is gradually fierce. Different brands of cosmetics have introduced different leve...
Aug. 14,
Gift box making process 1. Design, design patterns according to requirements, culture, product characteristics and so on. 2. Hand-made bamboo basket packaging, pure original ecology, novel design, durabl...
Aug. 07,
High-end gift boxes are indispensable The meaning of gift boxes is to beautify and protect gifts in interpersonal and business communication. Gift boxes generally have these characteristics: exquisite workmanship, high...
Jul. 31,
What will happen to the development of the gift box market? When buying gifts, most people choose to use gift boxes to wrap them in order to look nice and give decent gifts at the same time. In fact, this also reflects people from the side ...
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